Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using SPARCS for groups and individuals within my parish?

Parishes have the incredible opportunity to provide this faith-building resource to every single parishioner.

  • One 6 month or 1 year subscription to SPARCS provides access to your entire parish
  • Use this editable pdf to distribute the login information you created for your parish upon signup. You can type in both the username and password information and then print the amount of copies you would want to hand out. Note: The pdf has two sheets per page.

The next step is to spread the word! Let parishioners know this great resource is available to them by making announcements at the pulpit and in the bulletin. Within a parish, SPARCS can be fruitful in a variety of situations:

  • A group for newly returning Catholics or people just interested in learning about the faith. The online videos in SPARCS can be divided into sessions suitable for the group’s needs. For example, individuals who have purchased SPARCS can watch the videos at their convenience and later meet as a group to discuss one topic each week over the course of six weeks. The group facilitator will lead participants in discussion of their answers to the reflection questions connected to each video. It is important to have a facilitator in this kind of group, as a practicing Catholic can provide additional resources and answer follow up questions the group may have.
  • A group of candidates and sponsors in the RCIA program. A facilitator who can lead discussion, answer questions, and provide additional resources is important in this group, as well.
  • An individual interested in learning more about the faith who may not be interested in joining a group for various reasons, such as time or comfort level. It would benefit this person to meet regularly with a spiritual director who can discuss the reflection questions, answer follow up questions, and provide additional resources.

Can I get a discount if I buy multiple subscriptions?

With your purchase of either a 6 month or 1 year subscription, there is no need for multiple subscriptions for your parish. Considering how many of your parishioners will greatly benefit from SPARCS, this is an incredible value!

Are the questions aimed for individual or group discussion?

The questions are designed to be reflective and are appropriate for both individual and group settings. Sharing thoughts on the video and topic questions will lead to fruitful discussion in groups.

How do I cancel a parish subscription?

If you wish to discontinue your parish subscription, cancel the recurring payment from your PayPal profile. For help please reference the following article: